The Prince, The Scepter, And The Shield

By T. A. Cline


"Anyone can be a hero, even those who cannot. They just have to believe!"

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Characters of Archomai


Great Wizard. All knowing all powerful creator of Archomai.
Adon – aw-done’. First leader of the Kri-bara.
Aphthartos – af ’-thor-tos. Dark Warlock imprisoned in the Dark Abyss.
Prince Archon – ar’-khone. Prince of Archomai and the son of king Basileus.
Bartholomew – bar-thol’-o-mu. Leader of the Sigao riders of the horse herd.
King Basileus – bas-il-yooce’. King of Archomai.
Bordare – bor’-dare. Cook and warrior from the Sigao.
King Brachion – brakh-ee’-own. King of the Sigao.
Bronte – bron-tay’. The great dwarf that knew the Great Wizard.
Cideomus – cid’-eo-muss. A fairy from Whis-mern.
Darin – dare’-in. Leader of the bandits in Tektonshire.
Dehock – dee’-hock. The son of the elf king Ethnarches.
Dridmarin – drid-mar’-in. General of the armies of Draytalon.
Chief Dunatos – doo-nat-os’. Chief dwarf of Hammon Gripp.
King Ethnarches – eth-nar’-khace. King of Nordai-min and the elves.
Farmakia – far-mak-i’-ah. Great witch from the forest of Barrish Lack.
Gabber – ghab’-ber. A Kri-bara that aids lord Ponaros.
Gibbor – ghib-bore’. A Kri-bara that aids lord Ponaros.
Huios – hwee-os’. Son of Aphthartos.
James. Maker of cloths at Enisdow.
Jeremiah – jer-e-mi’-a. Prince Archon’s counterpart from the Other World.
Queen Lacell – la-cell’. Queen of Nordai- min and the elves.
Queen Loidoria – loy-dor-ee’-ah. Queen of Whis-mern and the faries.
Malak – mal-awk’. Sir Rothwin’s new name.
King Megas – Meg’-as. King of Whis-mern and the faries.
Nat. A Muse-man from Tremo.
Elder Polibuk – pol-ee’-buk. Elder of the little people and their leader.
Lord Poneros – Pon-ay-ros. Lord of Draytalon and doer of black magic.
Lord of the Dark World. Father of Darkness, Master of the Dark World, chained and imprisoned in Blackleir.
Rimarios – rim-ar-eos. Father of lord Poneros.
Sir Rothwin – roth’-win. Retired knight and wizard of light.
Sarar – saw-rar’. The present leader of the Kri-bara.
Selene – Sel-ay’-nay. The mystery woman from the Sigao.
Solobreen – so-lo-breen’. Good friend of elder Polibuk and a elder of the Littler People.
Teleute – tel-yoo-tay’. Great, great, great grand-father of the witch Farmakia.
Velma –vel’-ma. Daughter of the inn keeper at Enisdow.
Yawash – yaw-ash’. First son of Huios, Nathan the second son.


The Four Beasts of Dark World

Ishagon – ish’-a-gon
Meagron – mea’-gron
Eshdon – eesh’-don
Baalcon – ba-al’-con


The Sub-kingdoms

The Bourough
Hammon Gripp



Dawfak – daw-fak’. Drum of the dwarves for communication.
Logche - long’-khay. Lance of the Mightymen.
Sakkiyn – sak-keen’. Knife of the Mightymen.





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