The Prince, The Scepter, And The Shield

By T. A. Cline

"Anyone can be a hero, even those who cannot. They just have to believe!"

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“Archomai: The Prince, The Scepter, And The Shield.”

This is the heartwarming, heartbreaking story of Jeremiah. In the real world Jeremiah is full of disabilities, but that of which made his inner life overflow with extraordinary depths and riches. One day, something happened-something he never dreamed of. A being from the other world appeared to him in flesh, and told him that their kingdom needed his help. All of this is almost beyond Jeremiah’s understanding, but having a heart of gold, Jeremiah decided to go. Now, in this other world, Jeremiah is no longer disabled—he is a warrior, a swordsman, everything he wanted to be. There is more, the kingdom of Archomai is about to break out in total war for its very existence. Jeremiah has come to help with a small matter, but suddenly everything explodes and our hero finds himself putting his life on the line for his new-found friends, and his counterpart. He meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Her name is Selene, and though she is a woman of uncommon beauty, she can wield a sword with the precision of a surgeon. They must face a clan of bandits to free the prince, and they are heavily outnumbered.

The great witch, Farmakia from the forest of Barish Lack is thrust into a realm of power given to her from the Lord of the Dark World. The Lord of the Dark World has been chained in his castle Blackleir, and hurled into another time by the Great Wizard. Farmakia seizes the power and fills her lust for gold. The evil Lord Poneros, a doer of black magic, and the hordes of Draytalon desire the conquest of Archomai. Lord Poneros has a huge army at his disposal, and they attack. Armies collide head on. The future of Archomai is in doubt. Aphthartos, the Dark Warlock who was imprisoned in the Dark Abyss by the Great Wizard, can only help in spirit until he and the Lord of the Dark World are set free. They need the mighty army that is locked behind the Shining Glass Mountains by the Great Wizard. They believe that they have solved the riddle to set them free.

There are several mysteries within the story. If you can glean all the information in Archomai, can you unravel the mysteries? It will become easier with the next book, and answered in the third and final book. However, it is possible to see the shadow of the mysteries in this book,


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