The Prince, The Scepter, And The Shield

By T. A. Cline

"Anyone can be a hero, even those who cannot. They just have to believe!"

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Author's Bio

I am what you call a late bloomer, an old farmer turned author. If I had to describe myself it would be, "A Christian Farmer Storyteller", if I could leave a legacy that would be good enough for me. I was sixty-three when I started to write my first novel, and second book, “Archomai: The Prince, The Scepter, And The Shield.” I have always wanted to write, and now I am seeing that dream come true. My third book was released this past fall, November 25th, 2015; it is a Christmas story, “The First Snowflake.” My first book published was a collection of poetry, the title, “The Old Corner Post.” It is a thirty-year collection of poems and ballads. I am thankful to my publisher, Tate Publishing, who has been a tremendous help to a fledgling writer.

My fourth book, The Christmas Gate,released this past December 2016. It is a short Christmas story that is part one of a two part story. The second part will be out in the fall of 2017, look for it.

I have spent most of my life on the farm, and I do love working the land. There is a spirit of freedom on the farm that surpasses anything I have ever experienced. I have had many jobs, from truck driving to managing a plastic plant and most everything in between, but I always seem to drift back to the farm. I am truly blessed.

With my wife, our four children and six grandchildren, we live the country life. Our family is within twenty miles of each other, so we get together often. Family has always been important to me and gathering together, especially on holidays is a high point of my life.


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